15 October 2009

A New Plan for Rush Limbaugh

We have reached a point in this country where it is next to impossible for a white male to discuss an issue that involves race. Even if you are talking about an issue, perhaps even one that has been talked about by others - notably minorities, somehow it makes the white male a racist.

Here's what Rush Limbaugh should do:

Step 1.) Start an underground dog-fighting ring.

Step 2.) After you have drowned that last dog for not winning its fight, put on some sweat pants, grab your gun, and head out to the club.

Step 3.) While at the club, make it "rain" for the strippers.

Step 4.) Once it stops "raining" (money or bullets), get good and drunk, and get in your Bentley to go for a spin.

Step 5.) While driving, make sure you run over and kill someone. Be certain not to report it.

If Limbaugh follows this simple 5-step plan, he will be accepted into the NFL just like the other NFL "employees" who have done these very same things. Evidently, the only thing that is frowned on by the NFL is being a white conservative.

Side note: Where were all the minority leaders when defenseless 16-year old honor student & football player Derrion Albert was being beaten to death with a railroad tie because he wouldn't join a gang? What about HIS chances to be a part of the NFL? Where were Al Sharpton and Shelia Jackson-Lee then? For that matter, where are they NOW? Is there no money to be made in black-on-black crime? No race-hustling that can gain you a spotlight?

Get your own hypocritical house in order, Mr. Sharpton. Your, and the rest of the Left's selective outrage sickens me... especially when you have NO facts to substantiate your racist claims. That doesn't just make YOU a racist, it shows you are willfully ignorant of the truth. Yet, you still choose to repeat and spew lies to advance your own twisted agenda. Without it, you become irrelevant, and the racial divide from which you so gladly profit, might actually begin to narrow.

(hat tip: Patrick S.)


Paul said...

It seems to me that all the negative vibes this blowhard (Rush Hudson Limbaugh A.KA. Jeff Christie) has been spewing over these many years has come back to blow back on his face (A classic “Blow Back”). He always tries to give off the airs that he can have anything he wants but as we all witness those with more money and influence tossed him aside like sack of potatoes and the ultimate insult was that it was done in public (money don’t buy you everything butterball).

Now of course he blames everyone else (Michael J. Fox, Perez Hilton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Sonia Sotomayor, Hillary Clinton, Olympia Snowe, ESPN, NFL, the media, basically people of color, women and gays) when of course all you have to do is listen to his show and plainly hear his daily prejudices filled sermons. So NFL, I salute you decision, job well done. And to the whaling cry baby perched on his self made pedestal, quit your whining it was your own fault. Don’t we all feel better?

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