27 September 2009

Tell Me Who's Wrong Here

An assortment of astute observations:

"Governments don't do things because they're in the world's interests. Governments often don't even do things because they're in their people's interests. Many times, governments do things because it's in the government's interest."
- Jon Alterman, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"If schools wasted less time on “social justice,” “Everyday Math” crap, eco-zealotry, field trips to gay weddings and illegal alien day labor centers, rappin’, revolution, and radicalism, and searching for children’s “inner Obamas,” they wouldn’t need to make up all the squandered days and weeks during the summer."
- Michelle Malkin, Author & Columnist

"Any serious observer recognizes that the economic surge of the nineties was the result of the invention of the web along with the Y2K remediation effort. These events had about as much to do with Clinton's stewardship of the economy as I have responsibility for the invention of the Fudgsicle®. Put simply, a trained dolphin could have been President during the late 90's tech boom. Come to think of it, even a philandering, disbarred former attorney who sold missile secrets to the Chinese for campaign donations while allowing terrorists to relentlessly attack U.S. interests could have been President."
- Doug Ross, Prominent Blogger

"Socialists then and now rely on the writings of the economist, John Maynard Keynes to justify large government spending programs to stimulate the economy. However, Keynes himself wrote to FDR in 1938 questioning his spending programs and why FDR would use only one aspect of his economic theories. The answer is very simple: government programs create the illusion of improving the economy. People only see the jobs created by government programs, never the jobs that are lost in the private sector to create them."
- David Nace, American Thinker

"Common sense question: how are our representatives supposed to vote on something that will effect every American and remake nearly 20 percent of the economy without knowing what's in it, and how much it will cost? In any other context, this would be a dumb question. In the context of a Democratically-run Congress, it's par for the course."
- Monica Crowley, Radio/TV Host

"Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. International law is not an empty promise."
- Barack Obama, President

26 September 2009

Ehren Watada, Coward

Now private citizen Ehren Watada is a disgrace to all the courageous men and women who volunteer their service, and more importantly, their lives in duty to not only their fellow servicemen, but to their country. If you don't want to go to war, or fear the potential thereof, do not enlist. Period. There is no mystery about what the armed services of the United States is, does, and expects of those who sign up.

Ehren Watada, you are not a patriot. You are a shameful, gutless, coward.

25 September 2009

Quick Hits - Must Read Edition

Sometimes an opinion is echoed so clearly, that you can only allow the voice of someone else to speak. If you haven't received any of this news from other sources, I strongly encourage you to take the time to read each of these stories. They each cover topics so profoundly important to the future of our nation.

"Dear Leader in Our Public Schools" (Malkin) - Clear attempts at indoctrination by an Obama sycophant

Circumventing the Legislative Process (Heritage) - The Senate is planning an "end-around" to make national healthcare an amendment to a House bill related to TARP bonuses. This should enrage EVERY fair-minded American.

John Bolton is right again...again (McCarty) - One day, future generations will look back and wonder why America did not listen to John Bolton. The man says exactly what needs to be said and done.

Spread the word. Take action. Our elected leaders MUST listen to us and not just once every four years...

(hat tip: Doug Ross)

23 September 2009

Miss Me Yet?

21 September 2009

Holding Candidate Obama Accountable

Then Candidate Obama said in Dover, N.H., on Sept. 12, 2008.

"I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes." He repeatedly promised "You will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime."

We'll just see about that... if money goes out of my pocket to the government for any reason, IT IS A TAX. And if MORE goes to the government than I paid before, then that is a TAX INCREASE.

Get ready, America... it IS coming...


20 September 2009

Victims, Perps, and Selective Liberal Outrage

Nathan G. weighs in on the Annie Le/Yale murder...

Where is the liberal outrage for this poor, young, not as educated as the Asian girl, white guy who may have committed this crime due to his environment?

Where are the people who would say, had there been more programs in place at Yale or New Haven for the working class affiliating with the Hob Nobbery of Ivy Leaguers to understand each other better this would not have happened?

Why can't the ACLU come out screaming saying this was caused by socio-economic disparity of lifestyles and environmental inefficiencies?

Oh, I know why... Because this world has people who have problems and evil can rear its ugly head at any moment, regardless of race, gender or even sexual preference. Why can't people accept this when considering other people from different backgrounds? White Guy loses it and kills someone...accepted with nods and understanding. Asian kid shoots up the Virginia Tech campus and you have to subject everyone to analysis paralysis for months on end.

Can there not be a moment when people see crime as just crime...and not some demographic anomaly? What is the likelihood that Yale will now institute some emotionally-driven program where employees and students will have to meet and discuss their differences so each can feel better?

Give me a break! It was murder and it is sad. An innocent life was taken and there is no way to explain this. You can bring every knucklehead to the table and no matter what, you will not ever be able to understand the mind of a killer.

Lastly, I pray for the soul of that young lady who has been taken. I also pray for the soul of this man who may very well have killed her. Both are tragic losses to both families and society. One just carries more sadness than the other.

Still, just watch the sensationalistic media endlessly salivate all over this... then again, maybe I will not have to hear about Michael Jackson anymore. Where is Kanye when I need him to throw a damn fit?

15 September 2009

Twitter... again...

(hat tip: Doug Ross)

Quick Hits

Tiring of Obama's Tactics - It will be interesting to see how Obama's decision to slap punitive tariffs on tires made in China will affect not just the American consumer with higher prices, but also our trade relationship with China. Is it just me, or has the President clearly placed a higher value on union payback and support, based on their bogus claims of union job losses, than he does on doing what's in the best interest of the country? The move is clearly political to maintain union support for his healthcare disaster. But how does he expect to bite the hand that feeds him without consequences? Can he really expect that China will continue to finance his massive spending when he makes a decision like this? Has anyone been to DC lately and can you tell me what color the sky is in their world?

- I'm beginning to think that that whole Kanye West debacle was staged to generate publicity for MTV and West. No matter how much he apologizes on this tour of late night talk shows, his career deserves the irreparable harm he's generated for himself. And yes, Mr. West, please do take some time off for reflection. It's all about you anyways. Just goes to further prove what a self-indulgent society we have become.

Yale Grad Student Murder - I'm very interested to know just HOW one is able to get a body inside a wall of an existing building? This is one strange case.

Offensive Football - Here we go again. A small group of seven Native Americans finds the Washington football name to be offensive and is asking the SCOTUS to side with them. I'm not a Native American, but it appears to me that we have more important matters to put before the court, as well as the Native American community, do we not?

Samurai Justice - Can anyone explain to me just why the prosecutors are considering filing charges against a college student who was protecting his property as well as his own well-being by killing a burglar with a samurai sword? Is there any justice in this country anymore for people who AREN'T criminals?

The Big Roadhouse - Patrick Swayze passed yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly cancers and usually carries a prognosis of 6 months or less on diagnosis. Swayze fought for almost a year and a half. Guess God needed "Dalton" in His Roadhouse...

11 September 2009

Paul K. Sloan

I didn’t know Paul K. Sloan.

I didn’t know that Paul worked in financial services for Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods. I didn’t know Paul went to Brown University. I didn’t know that Paul played football for Brown. I didn't know that the Brown Football Association Offensive Lineman Award was remaned in honor of Paul. I didn’t know Paul liked the Beatles. I didn’t know that Paul was from California. I didn’t know that Paul was 26 years old. There are a lot of things I don’t know about Paul, because I never met Paul.

Despite the fact I never met him, I do know Paul. I know that Paul had a loving family. I know that Paul valued and was valued immeasurably by his friends. I know that Paul went to work every day knowing that he was making a difference. I know that Paul and I shared the same ideals and beliefs about our potential for success. I know that Paul believed in and was a part of the American Dream. And I know that because Paul was at work in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Paul stood for everything that the cowards who took the lives of 2,996 people on that day were against. Finally, I know that God knows Paul. He always knew him. He knew that Psalm 139:16 would remind us that Paul’s life was the exact length God intended. Paul is representative of all the things that make this country great.

Paul K. Sloan is an American hero.

And now we all know Paul K. Sloan.


Paul K. Sloan (Legacy.com)

Project 2,996


A fund has been established in Paul’s name at Brown University. Contributions may be sent to:

Brown University

c/o Brown Sports Foundation

Box 1925

Providence, RI 02912

Attn: Paul K. Sloan - '97 Memorial Fund

Make checks payable to Brown University, and include in the Memo space:

Paul Sloan - '97 Memorial Fund


10 September 2009

One Man's Capitalism

Joe Wilson (R-SC) has with two poorly timed (but honest) words, spawned the essence of capitalism... which is more than we can say for the administration.


08 September 2009

Blind to Hypocrisy

The idiot march of hypocrisy from the mindless left continues.

I just have one word for you Sitafa... Seriously!? I mean, what rock have you been living under for the past 8 years!? Get real and stop living in your irrational, left-leaning fantasy world.

It's okay to disagree with the president. And those of us who do are not racists or assassins in waiting. I though it would be un-American NOT to disagree with him... Isn't that what Hillary said?!

(hat tip: Nathan G.)

06 September 2009

Dancing With the Czars

"The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States." -- Sen. Barack Obama, March 31, 2008

One radical contestant eliminated... 30+ more to go...

So Van Jones resigned with little fanfare and virtually no coverage. Hence the line from the article, "The resignation was disclosed without advance notice by the White House in a dead-of-the-night e-mail on a holiday weekend. It came as Obama is working to regain his footing in the contentious health care debate." Of course it did... wouldn't want to alert Americans to the remaining radicals who are not elected or accountable to the electoral process by voters, now would we? If this is a sign of things to come, Cass Sunstein should be next... You can cast your vote here.

Personally, I think all GOP Senators and House members should bring any and all legislation to a screeching halt until ALL these "czars" are fully questioned by Congress. You know that if the power structure currently favored Republicans, this is exactly what the Democrats would be doing. But instead, Mr. Jones claims that using HIS OWN WORDS against him as he tried to posture as something he's not, is "...using lies and distortions to distract and divide." Really, Mr. Jones? Is this a statement that you truly believe (today, anyway)?

America, let this be an example of why it is so important for Congress to be able to investigate and ask questions of those who would directly advise the President. Obama has wantonly circumvented this process and has never been held accountable for any of his clearly radical appointments. Van Jones is the first one to go for being an extreme radical - which is clearly out of step with the majority of this country.

This process of appointing "czars" has become more than a mere unconstitutional practice we've tolerated in a few special circumstances. It has become a way to infiltrate the system and provide those who have VERY specific agendas to appear legitimate in the eyes of the public. However, much like they always do, Obama and the Democrats have misread the public and have overreached yet again. Seems like the one thing this administration is becoming very adept at is backtracking and getting forgiveness under the claim of "not knowing".

Most of the people who put Obama in office are not (completely) blind and are FINALLY beginning to see him for what he is (Many of us knew this during the campaign!). They voted for "hope and change" and are seeing that isn't his style. In fact, it is much the opposite. He is not getting away with claims of naivete any longer. Americans may have forgiven one or maybe two... but after all the issues with his cabinet members not paying taxes and stepping down from nominations, this appears to be a pattern of deception with this administration. Much like I discussed recently regarding changing rules you don't like, this resignation is a prime example of that which he has been doing with all these illegitimate "appointments".

My guess is that this "resignation" is the tip of a very big iceberg for these czars as well as the radical agenda the White House is pressing... and Obama is the captain of the Titanic.

(open quote hat tip: Doug Ross)

04 September 2009

Einstein's God

And now for something completely different... As you all know, I tend to keep it very opinionated and focused on news of the day, including the good, bad, and ugly. However, I try to find my own sources of inspiration as well. I usually keep these missives to myself or on occasion, share them with a couple of people. However, I really felt that this one was a very interesting perspective on the nature of our existence and our understanding of a higher power... What do you think?

(from Our Daily Bread)

When the great physicist Albert Einstein was asked if he believed in God, he responded:

“We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written those books. It does not know how. . . . That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human beings toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws.”

I find it especially interesting the number of people who may not specifically believe what I believe, but like Einstein, ask "childlike" questions about the nature of our existence. They do this knowing that no one can explain it or really knows the origins of life - and it's doubtful as humans that we ever will.

An old pastor once told me that in order to understand God, we have to use human/earthly terms to attempt to explain Him. However, we often forget that God is not of this world, so it is futile to attempt such an explanation. I think this is why so many people find it challenging to truly explain their faith, and yet they persist in believing.

03 September 2009

Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game

I know this is a couple of days past, but how any rational person cannot see this for the hypocrisy it is has to be blind or so partisan that it affects any possible clear judgment.

Ted Kennedy, a US SENATOR (not a state representative or senator, mind you) and the Democrats worked to change STATE LAW in Massachusetts to remove constitutional powers from the governor's office when there was a chance that a Republican (Mitt Romney) might appoint a successor to John Kerry. But realizing his own situation, Kennedy wanted to AGAIN change the law the HE wanted changed previously to hurt Republicans in order to put it back the way that benefited Democrats. Obviously, it is more important to maintain the filibuster proof majority for the Democrats than it is to represent the people in a fair manner and play by rules that you've agreed to.

If this isn't a shining example of how the Democrats and the leftist elites in this country operate, please, show me a better one. Oh, I'd say that the Al Gore selective recount might fit, or the Al Franken multiple vote counting standards would also be one. I can also point to Harry Reid's efforts to seat Al Franken well before he was declared the winner or even remotely close to being certified by the state. How about the Obama Administration's refusal to release the list of healthcare executives and consultants who have visited the White House to discuss legislation, but they went ballistic when Dick Cheney wouldn't do it with energy companies? There are also the legal issues related to the "fishy" email address for telling on your fellow citizens at flag@whitehouse.gov about healthcare opinions. The list goes on...If the GOP had done these things, the Left would have gone insane... and they did for lesser things during the Bush years! How about the refusal to allow votes on Bush's judicial nominees? Many were held up procedurally for years by Democrats. Fairness is their mantra but not their mode.

Can you give me examples of Republicans doing this? I'd love to hear them and if their legitimate, I'll even agree with you. Both parties do it, but it always appears that Democrats are so brazen about it and they are never called to task for it... more often than not, they get what they want and no one seems to care. They know that voters will not punish them for picking and choosing how they want to govern in the moment.

The Left continues to to want to selectively apply laws and rules (or just change them) to their benefit and rarely do they have the best intentions as citizen legislators at heart. It's always about power to press a party-line agenda and stay in office.

The only way to correct this problem is through term limits. It's just unfortunate to me that while we can get them at the Presidential and State levels, in many places, Congress has built themselves such a protective silo full of career elitists (Kennedy, Byrd, Dodd, Biden, Kerry, McConnell, Lott, Graham) that the voters eliminate any possibility of getting true reform out of DC by re-electing these criminals who think they know what is best for you. This goes for ANY politician who has served more than 2 terms - in EITHER chamber.

And what they think is best for you today, may not be politically beneficial for them tomorrow... so they'll change the law (rules) in the middle of the game. And you'll again be stuck with the consequences of this representative government who could care less about you.