04 August 2009

Quick Hits

Project 2996: On September 11th, Project 2996 will flood the blogosphere with personal memorials of those who perished in the twin towers on 9/11. I have signed up to participate and have asked to be assigned up to 5 people. If you, or anyone you know has a blog, it would be one day out of the year to dedicate your space to the memory of fellow Americans who, like you and me, were not just earning a living by going to work that day, but making a life.

"Green" Birth Control: Originally, this idea was concocted by some left-wing loons who clearly think they know what's best for you. Ironic that many of the same folks who are pro-choice (meaning pro-abortion, they just don't like that word), are the very same ones who are now telling you to have fewer kids to save the planet. Well, now they've put a little more work into it and convinced researchers at Oregon State University that it is science worth looking into.

So, couple this with the climate-killing horrors of obesity and divorce (as the article also points out), and not only are those little ones spreading crumbs, but they are spreading greenhouse gases like that life-giving gas CO2.

How long before the progressives think Eugenics is a good idea again? They clearly seek to repeat as many failures of history as possible. I imagine this one has to come around soon.

(Side note: If the wacky environmentalists had any brains, they'd realize their cause is self-defeating. By limiting C02, which is the equivalent of oxygen to plant life, we kill trees. So, reducing greenhouse gases makes the planet LESS green.)

Tax Revenues FALL when Taxes Go UP: But for some reason, all that good information about the Treasury taking in record tax revenues under the Bush tax cuts escaped many Democrats who still believe that they can tax their way to prosperity. Well, Americans seem to think otherwise.

A recent study indicates that tax receipts are estimated to drop 18% this year. So, think of it this way... while tax revenues are dropping by 1/5th, the Democrats want to spend roughly the same amount on public healthcare (never mind that 40 basis point swing in revenue-expense ratio).

Who was in office in 2005? Oh, that's right... George W. Bush. And what tax policy is going to expire at the end of next year? The one that brought record revenues to the government while expanding the economy and GDP. And who's tax policies are already having a detrimental effect on the economy? I think the graph speaks for itself.

Oh, the article also points out that the last time our tax revenue outlook was this rosy, it was 1932... right in the Great Depression. Who is John Galt?


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