17 August 2009

Quick Hits

File Under Unnecessary: Okay. I'm a proud gun owner. However, I don't think the 2nd Amendment crowd is doing themselves any favors by openly toting guns near a presidential event.

I know they are seeking to make a political statement - one which I agree with. But regardless of your opinion of the president, there is no good reason to intensify what is always a tough job for the Secret Service to provide security for the President. Security of the President is something I think ALL Americans agree on no matter who is in office. I think that the protest/statement could have been handled differently - especially given the event was to discuss healthcare. Thumbs down on this one...

UN Chief Dabbles in Fear-Mongering: The science is settled. The science is settled.... NO. It isn't. That's the nature of science. It is NEVER settled. For the UN Secretary General to make such politically driven statements regarding the impending doom of climate change is beyond irresponsible, in my opinion.

But, we've known for years now that the UN is a politically driven organization, with many if not all of it's positions being detrimental to the US. How he can predict the costs in terms of "human suffering" is not only impossible, but reckless given his position. If UN member nations want to implement emission standards in their home countries... fine. But one size does not fit all when it comes to this topic.

I've mentioned before China and India's firm resistance to emission controls that would severely damage their economies, but now even our mates in Australia have rejected this type of nonsense. Hopefully we have enough members of Congress who also see that a unilateral implementation of controls on one country would bring disastrous results.

Brett Favre: Just stop it already! You've damaged your legacy as a great quarterback and your success with the Packers. I'm certain you don't need the money, and quite frankly, we're tired of your selfish antics. If you play, I wish you a sub-.500 season and hope you and your team miss the playoffs.


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