20 September 2009

Victims, Perps, and Selective Liberal Outrage

Nathan G. weighs in on the Annie Le/Yale murder...

Where is the liberal outrage for this poor, young, not as educated as the Asian girl, white guy who may have committed this crime due to his environment?

Where are the people who would say, had there been more programs in place at Yale or New Haven for the working class affiliating with the Hob Nobbery of Ivy Leaguers to understand each other better this would not have happened?

Why can't the ACLU come out screaming saying this was caused by socio-economic disparity of lifestyles and environmental inefficiencies?

Oh, I know why... Because this world has people who have problems and evil can rear its ugly head at any moment, regardless of race, gender or even sexual preference. Why can't people accept this when considering other people from different backgrounds? White Guy loses it and kills someone...accepted with nods and understanding. Asian kid shoots up the Virginia Tech campus and you have to subject everyone to analysis paralysis for months on end.

Can there not be a moment when people see crime as just crime...and not some demographic anomaly? What is the likelihood that Yale will now institute some emotionally-driven program where employees and students will have to meet and discuss their differences so each can feel better?

Give me a break! It was murder and it is sad. An innocent life was taken and there is no way to explain this. You can bring every knucklehead to the table and no matter what, you will not ever be able to understand the mind of a killer.

Lastly, I pray for the soul of that young lady who has been taken. I also pray for the soul of this man who may very well have killed her. Both are tragic losses to both families and society. One just carries more sadness than the other.

Still, just watch the sensationalistic media endlessly salivate all over this... then again, maybe I will not have to hear about Michael Jackson anymore. Where is Kanye when I need him to throw a damn fit?


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