25 September 2009

Quick Hits - Must Read Edition

Sometimes an opinion is echoed so clearly, that you can only allow the voice of someone else to speak. If you haven't received any of this news from other sources, I strongly encourage you to take the time to read each of these stories. They each cover topics so profoundly important to the future of our nation.

"Dear Leader in Our Public Schools" (Malkin) - Clear attempts at indoctrination by an Obama sycophant

Circumventing the Legislative Process (Heritage) - The Senate is planning an "end-around" to make national healthcare an amendment to a House bill related to TARP bonuses. This should enrage EVERY fair-minded American.

John Bolton is right again...again (McCarty) - One day, future generations will look back and wonder why America did not listen to John Bolton. The man says exactly what needs to be said and done.

Spread the word. Take action. Our elected leaders MUST listen to us and not just once every four years...

(hat tip: Doug Ross)


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