27 September 2009

Tell Me Who's Wrong Here

An assortment of astute observations:

"Governments don't do things because they're in the world's interests. Governments often don't even do things because they're in their people's interests. Many times, governments do things because it's in the government's interest."
- Jon Alterman, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

"If schools wasted less time on “social justice,” “Everyday Math” crap, eco-zealotry, field trips to gay weddings and illegal alien day labor centers, rappin’, revolution, and radicalism, and searching for children’s “inner Obamas,” they wouldn’t need to make up all the squandered days and weeks during the summer."
- Michelle Malkin, Author & Columnist

"Any serious observer recognizes that the economic surge of the nineties was the result of the invention of the web along with the Y2K remediation effort. These events had about as much to do with Clinton's stewardship of the economy as I have responsibility for the invention of the Fudgsicle®. Put simply, a trained dolphin could have been President during the late 90's tech boom. Come to think of it, even a philandering, disbarred former attorney who sold missile secrets to the Chinese for campaign donations while allowing terrorists to relentlessly attack U.S. interests could have been President."
- Doug Ross, Prominent Blogger

"Socialists then and now rely on the writings of the economist, John Maynard Keynes to justify large government spending programs to stimulate the economy. However, Keynes himself wrote to FDR in 1938 questioning his spending programs and why FDR would use only one aspect of his economic theories. The answer is very simple: government programs create the illusion of improving the economy. People only see the jobs created by government programs, never the jobs that are lost in the private sector to create them."
- David Nace, American Thinker

"Common sense question: how are our representatives supposed to vote on something that will effect every American and remake nearly 20 percent of the economy without knowing what's in it, and how much it will cost? In any other context, this would be a dumb question. In the context of a Democratically-run Congress, it's par for the course."
- Monica Crowley, Radio/TV Host

"Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. International law is not an empty promise."
- Barack Obama, President


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