03 September 2009

Changing the Rules in the Middle of the Game

I know this is a couple of days past, but how any rational person cannot see this for the hypocrisy it is has to be blind or so partisan that it affects any possible clear judgment.

Ted Kennedy, a US SENATOR (not a state representative or senator, mind you) and the Democrats worked to change STATE LAW in Massachusetts to remove constitutional powers from the governor's office when there was a chance that a Republican (Mitt Romney) might appoint a successor to John Kerry. But realizing his own situation, Kennedy wanted to AGAIN change the law the HE wanted changed previously to hurt Republicans in order to put it back the way that benefited Democrats. Obviously, it is more important to maintain the filibuster proof majority for the Democrats than it is to represent the people in a fair manner and play by rules that you've agreed to.

If this isn't a shining example of how the Democrats and the leftist elites in this country operate, please, show me a better one. Oh, I'd say that the Al Gore selective recount might fit, or the Al Franken multiple vote counting standards would also be one. I can also point to Harry Reid's efforts to seat Al Franken well before he was declared the winner or even remotely close to being certified by the state. How about the Obama Administration's refusal to release the list of healthcare executives and consultants who have visited the White House to discuss legislation, but they went ballistic when Dick Cheney wouldn't do it with energy companies? There are also the legal issues related to the "fishy" email address for telling on your fellow citizens at flag@whitehouse.gov about healthcare opinions. The list goes on...If the GOP had done these things, the Left would have gone insane... and they did for lesser things during the Bush years! How about the refusal to allow votes on Bush's judicial nominees? Many were held up procedurally for years by Democrats. Fairness is their mantra but not their mode.

Can you give me examples of Republicans doing this? I'd love to hear them and if their legitimate, I'll even agree with you. Both parties do it, but it always appears that Democrats are so brazen about it and they are never called to task for it... more often than not, they get what they want and no one seems to care. They know that voters will not punish them for picking and choosing how they want to govern in the moment.

The Left continues to to want to selectively apply laws and rules (or just change them) to their benefit and rarely do they have the best intentions as citizen legislators at heart. It's always about power to press a party-line agenda and stay in office.

The only way to correct this problem is through term limits. It's just unfortunate to me that while we can get them at the Presidential and State levels, in many places, Congress has built themselves such a protective silo full of career elitists (Kennedy, Byrd, Dodd, Biden, Kerry, McConnell, Lott, Graham) that the voters eliminate any possibility of getting true reform out of DC by re-electing these criminals who think they know what is best for you. This goes for ANY politician who has served more than 2 terms - in EITHER chamber.

And what they think is best for you today, may not be politically beneficial for them tomorrow... so they'll change the law (rules) in the middle of the game. And you'll again be stuck with the consequences of this representative government who could care less about you.


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