05 May 2009

Annie get your...Congressional Representative?

What you won't hear from the regular media is that as other topics carry the headlines, other more nefarious agendas are playing out in the back pages of Capitol Hill legislation. These issues range from "back door" controls on local media ownership & higher education benefits for illegal immigrants to a research outfit in New York being awarded a research grant to study the effects of alcohol consumption by Argentinian homosexuals. But no other issue is being silently attacked more than the 2nd Amendment.

A recent opinion article clearly outlines the intention of the Founding Fathers with respect to the citizens being armed, and it doesn't stop at the "well-armed militia" straw man that gun control advocates like to use. Congressional leaders, especially Democrats, recognize that gun control is not a very popular idea right now. However, that doesn't mean that like other publicly unpopular issues, they will simply drop them in favor of issues that resonate with the public. Thus, you will hear them say, "We don't want to take anybodys guns away." (Populist rhetoric).

What you will see, if you look closely, is increased activity surrounding the registration & licensing of firearms, difficulties in obtaining permits, microstamping of ammunition (not to mention the expected astronomical tax-related increases in cost), a renewal of the assault weapons ban (which, conveniently only applies to guns - although many devices are considered assault weapons - way to go, Congress!), and the insistence that guns from the U.S. are responsible for the drug battles on the Mexican border. Don't be afraid to read between the lines because politicians are not afraid to send messages there. No matter how much they talk up what remain isolated cases of irresponsible people with guns, the fact is that people are ultimately responsible for their actions. Well, they should be.

The problem is not with gun ownership. Gun owners have to jump through a dizzying array of hoops and laws in order to keep their weapons. Criminals don't. The problem is not with more gun laws. It's about enforcing the CRIMINAL laws we have today consistently and forcefully. The courts have seen to it that gun laws do not really apply to criminals since the criminal justice system cannot seem to control them as people. So, they seek out that which they can control (guns) and the expected submission to legal authority of citizens who respect the rule of law to possess them.

The first 100 days have brought a lot of "change", but don't expect it to stop there. There are many people in Congress with radical agendas, and many are now running unchecked by an unbalanced government. (Thanks 17th Amendment!)

Through the efforts of the NRA, GOA, and a "well-armed citizenry", the 2nd Amendment holds strong for those who believe it applies to "every man" as it continues to come under relentless, irrational attack from people who believe with all their being that law-abiding gun owners are more dangerous to society than criminals who could care less.


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