20 May 2009

The Middle East Gives the Middle Finger to Obama

Joe Biden was wrong when he said that Obama would be tested during his first six months in office with a foreign policy challenge. As Politico's Richard Benedetto points out, he should have said that Obama would be tested, then re-tested, and then given follow-up tests on a regular basis... all of which he will most likely fail.

To recap...

Iran's president has openly stated his desire to wipe Israel from the face of the map.

Iran claims it's nuclear program is for energy and it's missile program is for defensive purposes.

Like North Korea, Iran also test fired a missile - theirs capable of carrying a "peaceful nuclear" payload a distance equal to that of... Israel.

Test failed, Mr. Biden.

The last one is the most important given Obama's visit this week with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. With the missile test launch, Iran is basically telling them both, "You two sit around and keep talking. We'll be with you shortly." Meanwhile, North Korea is emboldened by not just this, but also by Obama's clear lack of any "consequences" he so sternly finger-wagged while on his European road trip. As former Ambassador John Bolton notes in today's Wall Street journal, they're about to do it again.

Test failed again, Mr. Biden.

So, again, the "leaders" of the world simply sit and watch and talk while Iran's nuclear program goes chugging along. As you said yourself..."Just words?", Mr. President? I wonder what harsh words the Obama administration press release will use to describe the mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv.

Looks like we're short a #2 pencil...


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