02 May 2009

Random Observations

  • I'm intrigued at learning that when it is "sloppy" at the Kentucky Derby, jockeys often wear up to EIGHT pairs of goggles to keep their field of vision clear. As a pair becomes covered in mud, they reach up - during the race - and pull them down around their neck, exposing a clean pair. The process continues until they run out or the race ends. Horses, by comparison, have a third eyelid that acts as a windshield wiper for their vision. Cool.

  • Did you know the White House has a "social secretary"? Her name is Desiree Rogers and I believe she may be the most active person in the White House. Good to know she is being paid by taxpayers to attend New York Fashion Week. At least the WH staffers who showed up on People's 100 Most Beautiful list aren't wearing the wrong clothes to match their wrong decisions. Where exactly are we cutting wasteful spending again?

  • Wow! The UAW is getting anywhere from 39-55% ownership of Chrylser and GM as part of efforts to stave off bankruptcy. Let's see just what kind of true business acumen Ron Gettelfinger and other UAW shakedown artists have now that they are on the other side of the fence. Looks like they will now have to run a business so that they can keep their union jobs too. Perhaps the unions will finally be victims of their own making...just like the industries they've destroyed (airlines, automakers, education).

  • Why aren't Catholics lumped in with the "religious right"? Seems like for a denomination so Biblically conservative in social causes, they sure do favor the Democrats and give high marks to Obama. Meanwhile the Notre Dame scandal will likely expose any divides in that church. More on this...

  • And finally... May 9th is National Train Day. "Trainiacs Unite!"... need I say..."Woo Hoo!" ?


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