11 May 2009

Calls Grow for Pelosi to Resign

Echoing earlier sentiments, and expanding greatly on the issue, Doug Ross is also putting out the call for Nancy Pelosi to resign as Speaker of the House for her selective memory related to Congressional knowledge of EIT's being used.

From yesterday...

Nancy Pelosi channels Bill Clinton. So Nancy Pelosi claims she did not know waterboarding was going to be used as an enhanced interrogation technique (EIT). She who would be 3rd in line for the presidency is claiming semantic ignorance. Okay Nancy, here’s the deal: If you knew about the EIT's, and said nothing, then you are a hypocrite for condemning them now. However, if you really only thought that you were being briefed on EIT's for future use, then you are both naive and also a hypocrite. By the way, waterboarding has been used as an EIT since the Spanish-American War. Regardless of what you knew and when, if you were grounded in principles and not politics, your position would have been consistent from the start. But as the political winds shift, so does your position. Someone at your level playing politics to CYA is disingenuous and shameful. You should step down as House Speaker immediately. You'd demand the same from a Republican for far less an offense.


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