27 May 2009

Quick Hits

More Identity Politics from the party who claims to be blind to such issues:
Question: Can someone please explain to me how Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination is any more historic than the first Hispanic Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the first African-American Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and the first African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?
Answer: She’s a liberal not appointed by Bush.

Side note:
Does Obama know that the fireworks coming out of North Korea aren't celebrations of the "historic" nomination? Obama fiddles...

US to paint everything white to go green:
Our ubergreen Secretary of Energy Steven Chu wants to paint everything white or shades of ecru and mother of pearl to reduce global warming. Something tells me this would have unintended consequences…

CA Court upholds gay marriage ban:
Proponents will use the courts until they find a friendly enough venue to win. It’s the mantra of the left. They think public sentiment is on their side. I predict their continuing to fight this will generate more anger against them than support for them...across the country, not just CA.

Assassination Chic:
Why is it that this was perfectly acceptable (even in Canada) against Bush but not Obama?


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