05 May 2009

Assault on 2nd Amendment - As Predicted...

Here it is... just what I was talking about earlier today in terms of reading between the lines... I'm glad that GOA is on this. NRA probably is too. Nonetheless, it's important to stay informed and vigilant. Otherwise, something like this passes quietly in the night...

Just as predicted - less than 18 hours ago. They won't call it "gun control", but ironically, this does more than just add new gun laws. This could be the first salvo in opening up U.S. law to foreign reference and opinion for interpretation and even legal standing to bring lawsuits against U.S. citizens. It would be an immediate threat to our sovereignty and independence as a nation, but something the Left in this country seems to be fine with... heck, they're actively pursuing it.

However, I still believe that the gun lobby is sizable and smart enough to translate this politi-speak and expose it for what it is... gun control of the highest INTERNATIONAL order.


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