07 June 2009

Conservatives Sweep Europe

Isn't it true that the fashion trends in Europe usually take a little time to get to America? Well, if this is what's coming, this is a trend we should be happy to follow in November of 2010. Conservative/Right groups are taking back power in countries all across Europe and putting a stop to this naked worldwide power grab by left-wing statists. My sense is that the same will happen here...

However, the real blessing is that the campaigns have become longer and more contentious. Predictably, when engaged in tough re-election battles, the incumbents will not want to be seen as blindly following a socialist agenda for fear of being painted as such during the campaign. As a result, it should have a slowing effect on legislation critical to Obama's agenda. He and his cronies know this and it's exactly why they are hell-bent on pushing through healthcare reform ASAP. If it lingers, it will die with the campaign, along with his agenda in November.

And with any luck, Obama will be left as a two-year lame duck.


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