07 June 2009

Politician Careers Win Again Over Education Accountability

The Louisiana School Board Association put on the full court press and helped to defeat four bills in the Louisiana legislature that would have dramatically changed the way school boards operate and make them more accountable for school improvement.

Once again, politicians and special-interest groups come out ahead. While the educational system continues to deteriorate (rot, is more like it), especially in Louisiana, politicians and school board members around the state can sleep easy knowing that their positions and supplemental income is protected. And to think, all it took was a little saber-rattling with legislators who feared their positions and supplemental income were also at stake with these bills.

So, instead of doing what's right, and taking the necessary steps to make school boards, systems, and teachers more accountable for the woeful performance of our underperforming students, they decided that having a little extra pocket money is worth the risk. This is shameful and disgusting and they wonder why people howl when property taxes are eyed for increases in funding to our education system which is in complete disarray.

As you'll often hear me say, we need to have voter-enforced term limits and give all elected offices the political enema they are so clearly in need of.


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