09 June 2009

Reality Check

I post this with the link because it shows the very real and perilous situations we are faced with in dealing with terrorism. To sugar-coat this as the current administration feels compelled to do, is not only dangerous, it's naive and foolish. The link below showcases examples of what we now know as the very nebulous "Overseas Contingency Operations" (formerly known as the War on Terror).

In a muted review of Obama's "outreach" speech to the Muslim world, Rubicon3 has a pictorial reminder (Graphic Content Warning) of what Islamic extremism has brought us in return. He truthfully asks the question, "And I wonder, where is their attempt at outreach?"

Commenter Charles posts, "We gave peace a chance - they gave us 9/11."

On point, Rubicon. We can't change history, and neither should we forget it.


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