06 June 2009

Quick Hits

Fatherhood.gov - Isn't it a stinging indictment of where we are as a nation when the government has to put up a website that seeks to educate men on how to be good fathers?

Sacrifice Fly - The Louisiana Senate voted NOT to cut salaries of public officials just in time to make the opening pitch of the LSU/Rice NCAA Super-Regional baseball game. I suppose the only sacrifice the legislators are interested in is one that scores a run.

An Even Harder Finger Wag Coming - Obama is planning to get firm with North Korea by taking a "very hard look" at his options. My guess is that by saying "very hard" he will have taken the finger wag a step further. Just words, Mr. President? We're still waiting...

On the lighter side...

Soldier of Tomorrow - Is it possible to give humans "superhero" capabilities? Raytheon thinks so. I saw this on Modern Marvels recently and it is fascinating.

Patch Adams meets Pro Sports - Perhaps this is the way a professional sports franchise OUGHT to be conceived and operated...


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