18 June 2009

Quick Hits

North Korea - Rumor has it that the DPRK is going to "test fire" another missile in the next few weeks. Word is that they plan to "aim" it towards - or in the direction of - Hawaii. My guess is that Obama will do nothing about this at all other than offer up another teleprompter aided finger wag because it has been an effective strategy so far.

Here's where Obama and I would differ as President: I'd take it off the launching pad with a strategic strike (although I'd have already done it to an earlier launch). If that option failed to materialize or if we were surprised by a launch, assuming it was either shot down, or didn't quite reach Hawaii, the launch towards the US would be plenty defensive justification to decimate Pyongyang with a modern day Hiroshima. Harsh, I know - but this is going on a 20-year problem. My next step would be a press conference to tell the Iranians unequivocally that they can expect something similar should they continue to play games.

It's time to stop playing these silly waiting games with an uncooperative, irrational nation. Under my plan, the problem is solved.

Education - In a just and fair society that truly seeks to advance itself, the highest paid people would not be athletes or movie stars, they would be doctors, police and firemen, and most importantly, teachers. The education of a population is the most important thing a society can do. In my opinion, we are on the brink of having completely failed in this regard.

The public education system in this country has failed many, especially children and minorities. The main problems are unqualified teachers who are protected by unions and bureaucrats as well as a lack of accountability from school administrators and parents alike. There are good schools and parents out there, but as a whole, we are in big trouble. By contrast, private schools continue to graduate intelligent kids, as do charter schools - which are on the rise.

Lisa Keegan has an excellent piece on what it takes to be a teacher and excel in the process.

Iranian Elections - It will be interesting to see if the current regime can withstand the power of the people. And I'm not speaking of A-Jad... I'm talking Mullahs this time... I think they actually fear the power of the masses against them. Perhaps a new wind is blowing in Tehran as well...

(Side Note: Do you also wonder why the protesters signs are mostly in English?)


Have you heard? Obama killed a fly. PeTA used it as an opportunity to let everyone know just how far they will go to appear relevant...

It's time to audit the Fed. As it stands right now, they are accountable to no one. No entity with a finger in government funds should be closed to public scrutiny - especially one with this much concentrated power.

Will Schwarzenegger finally terminate the status quo in bankrupt California?

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