25 June 2009

Quick Hits

Government Run Healthcare: An excellent point was made today regarding a "publicly funded healthcare option"... Rush Limbaugh, on his radio program asked, "Will the members of Congress and the President opt out of their current healthcare plans to participate in the new government-run 'public option' ?"

If the answer is anything other than a collective "Yes", then we do not need whatever it is they purport to offer. Simple as that. If it's not good enough for them, it's not good enough for us.

Furthermore, Sean Hannity on his radio program yesterday, asked if the government program would be subject to all of the reporting requirements and regulations that private insurers have to comply with? Again, if the answer is anything other than "Yes", then it is a trojan horse designed to unfairly, under the guise of competition, eliminate private insurance options.

I know these are two prominent Conservative commentators, but your putting D's and R's aside, who among us can disagree with these two questions? I do not think it is rationally possible.

North Korea: It's time to stop playing games with them. Period.

Cap & Trade: Vote expected tomorrow. The House can pass it easily - even as Nancy Pelosi greases the palms of representatives (mostly Democrats) who still have reservations about the bill. The Senate may be able to kill it - and should. It's bad for America - top to bottom, but especially the bottom...

The main problem is that the administration and Democrats are looking for energy legislation, but it is independent and not part of a comprehensive energy plan. So, we'll get some ineffective, poorly reviewed, misguided laws on the books, and the next Congress and President will have to work very hard to correct, if not repeal it altogether. America, you've been warned...again.

As with virtually every other piece of legislation that has come out of DC in the past 6 months, no one has had proper time to read and dissect this bill. My guess is that pattern is not going to change and we will see yet another instance of Obama ignoring his campaign promise to post it 5 days before signing.

Let me guess, it's an emergency if we don't act now - so it's not subject to the normal process.

Farrah Fawcet: My condolences to her family on her passing from her well-documented struggle with a rare form of cancer. The approach they took in making her fight very public will give hope to many people and drives even more awareness about the importance of cancer research.

As unfortunate it is to say at this time, but do you really think a government healthcare plan will have the necessary resources to research the disease and investigate treatments? That's currently a job private enterprise will do. However, if the government opts in, these companies will have no incentive to pursue these opportunities because the free market will not ensure the profits these companies need to continue life-saving research.


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