23 July 2009

If I Were President...

I often like to think of the viability of a TRUE third party. Perhaps a party based on simple common sense. I think it would do wonders by providing some much needed oil for the tired machinations of today's DC. As they say, "Some people go to Washington to do good. Most go to Washington to do well."

A good friend of mine, Nathan G., sent me an email with a few good ideas on how to whip Washington into shape. I think we all agree that government has the extraordinary power to do great things for its citizens. But the corruptocrats currently abusing us have bastardized our Constitution in such a way that makes high school class officers look more competent.

A potential peek into the future? I yield the floor to my esteemed colleague from Virginia:

If I ran the show out here in Washington, D.C., I have a few ideas which would need to be addressed...

TERM LIMITS. TERM LIMITS. TERM LIMITS....THIS IS FIRST AND FOREMOST... NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, will be passed through that dysfunctional Palace on the Potomac (The Capital) until maximums of 2 terms are legislated for Senators and 4 terms for Representatives....'Bye Bye Birdie' to the days of career politicians. As a result, more Americans will be inclined to SERVE in public office and true representation will take place.

Just like every citizen in the country, we balance our federal budget. And that is the 2nd #1 priority.

My inaugural address will be about 3 minutes long, because I would demand every Representative and Senator to be in their seats within 20 minutes ready to vote on term limits. And if a member votes 'PRESENT', that person’s congressional pay will be docked each time they do. We don't send them to DC to occupy a seat. If a service member can have it done to their pay, elected officials to the House and Senate are also not immune.

I would make it known far and wide that no more subsidies will be doled out from the Federal Budget to Non Profits and Non-Governmental Organizations. The likes of ACORN need to wither and die and the same goes for Conservative leaning types as well. If you feel so strong about your so called 'issue'...then get off your butt and raise the money yourself! Millions of charitable organizations do it daily. What? Not enough? Too bad. Combine resources with another group. I heard Harvard has a HUGE endowment. Go beg from them.

US Foreign Aid is provided to ‘approved’ nations based upon a percentage of their population. Yes, Djibouti would get far less than say, Ethiopia. Still, we make it clear and set the example that if you squander away US Money or aid in any method, it will be yanked from your coffers and you will learn how to reap what you sow. Suckling from Momma America has been going on far too long. Our taxes benefit OUR citizens before we assist others.

If Israel wants (or needs) to BOMB a country deeper into the Stone Ages...let them. They are big boys and girls and they know what repercussions will happen if they do something unprovoked. But, if another nation does something to Israel first, then we should just whistle past the graveyard.

All federal agencies, besides the military, will be drawn down by 10% my first year in office. That’s how you save money in a bloated government. However, the military will also be held responsible for their spending. No more “Billion Dollar Bullets”. We love you Department of Defense, but you need to run a tighter ship!

Amtrak will no longer be federally funded or subsidized. No more intervention by Congress and you are free to make and live by your own decisions. If you fail, sell those rail cars to Kim Jong Ill. His eyesore of a country could use them.

Bio-Fuels Industry... Go talk to T. Boone Pickens about his wind farm project. Meanwhile, crank up the drills at home.

Any director of a federal agency will make no more than half of what the President makes. No bonuses, no perks. You’re serving the public, not here to get rich on the taxpayer dime. Want to make tons of money? Go earn it elsewhere.

Bailouts will never happen again. Companies must lie in the beds they make. Want to play big shot, Mr. CEO? Live with the consequences. Shareholders can be vengeful people. Private enterprises are not owned by the Feds. Whether they run a company well or poorly...not a government issue unless they are breaking the law – in which case, we drop the hammer of justice on them and protect Main Street.

TORT REFORM...the “John Edwards” of the world need to earn an honest living, and that doesn’t happen by whimsically suing everyone under the sun. For the attorney who files and loses a frivolous lawsuit, you pay all costs to all parties associated with the process. Oh, and you’re disbarred for at least 1 year. HELLO HEALTH CARE COST REDUCTION!!!

Lastly, public BBQ's on the South Lawn!



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