08 July 2009

You Heard It Here First...

A while back, I posted on the issue of Cap & Trade and the ridiculous expectations it makes of American business as well as the impact it will have on EVERY consumer of energy in this country. And just as predicted, China and India have come through with flying colors.

From Reuters: "China and India have been opposed to a goal of halving world greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 as part of a declaration by MEF nations, which account for 80 percent of world greenhouse gas emissions." An earlier story indicated that the two nations vetoed a G8 joint statement on commitments to reducing greenhouse emissions, which was designed to serve as a base for a new Kyoto type of climate treaty later in Copenhagen.

What did we expect to happen? Are we naive enough to believe that just because we seek to wreck our our national economy by unilaterally implementing misguided policies based on agenda-driven junk science that every other industrialized nation will too? Why would China and India want to hamper their own economic development at such critical times when they are becoming more important to the global economy? While they pay it the proper lip service to keep us and Europe off their backs, they too still believe it does not make sense.

And, on top of this, there is another reason that all of these "green" jobs Obama has promised will not materialize as expected. T. Boone Pickens who has been clamoring over the past year to revolutionize the nation's energy through windmill farms has discovered that it just isn't as easy as buying a bunch of oversized fans. He's abandoned his Texas wind-farm because of the difficulties associated with getting generated power ON to the grid (ironically for people who want to get OFF the grid...).

Long story short, going "green" is not all rainbows and unicorns as the administration keep promising. For that matter, it's not Nazi Germany either, Mr. Gore. To continue to bet the (wind) farm on this strategy doesn't make much sense, and in a global sense, actually puts the US in a weaker position on many issues.

As I've been saying, there just isn't yet enough proof to put so much energy into "green" energy. Ignoring the vast reserves of oil, coal, and natural gas that sit well within our reach and out of sight of protectionist eyes, is a strategy of failure and arrogance. It's time we stop thinking about special interests, and start thinking about national interests.


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