20 July 2009

Quick Hits

Government Track Record on Healthcare - (From Cato) Exactly why do Americans think that the government can effectively administer a NEW national health program for ALL of its citizens? The programs the government is in charge of today are all shining examples of colossal failure and inefficiency:

The Veterans Administration (VA Hospitals)

Dare I include Social Security?

Bobby Jindal Votes Present - Let's not start signing Bobby Jindal's praises just yet. He's basically doing the Obama equivalent of voting "present" by allowing bills he's not crazy about to become law by simply not signing them. This is not leadership. It's a lack of courage to be the chief executive of state government. Couple this with his failure to initially stand up to legislators' self-voted threefold pay raise, and you've got... Charlie Crist! The GOP does not need to dabble in identity politics to compete with the Left. As appealing as his diversity may be, Jindal is not ready for the national stage, and isn't giving any indications that he will be anytime soon.

Solient Green is made of...Fluorescent Light Bulbs! - Here's a fantastic example of the "green" movement getting entirely too far ahead of itself, making hasty decisions based on limited, agenda-driven information. Can you imagine what dangers lurk with Cap and Trade?

US to Pay for Chinese Pollution - (hat tip: Doug Ross) - The administration wants YOU to pay for China's right to pollute. It's all your fault for buying that widget made in China.

Who's Teaching Our Kids? - (Dan Lawton) Finally, some solid journalism that pokes liberal hypocrisy in the eye. And surprise! It isn't from the MSM... not that you'd be surprised...


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