26 July 2009

A Teachable Moment from Decades of Lies

UPDATE 7/28: I'm proud to have the company of Glenn Beck who also calls it like he sees it. Are we still a "nation of cowards" now, Mr. Holder?

UPDATE 7/27: The police report and 911 tapes suggest that the only person discussing race was Professor Gates, when he refused to show proof of ID or residence. The chip on his shoulder must have fallen off when he used it on his locked front door.

While I'm fairly certain Obama's immediate reaction was a clear reflection of his attitudes towards law enforcement, the backtracking provided a glimpse into the damage control the White House flew into given the heated nature of his response.

However, Doug Ross drills down on how the administration's (and Obama's) lack of post-racial policy is being overshadowed by sound bites and platitudes - all of which the media is too happy to accept at face value.

The following quote was attributed to Charles Barkley; "Poor people have been voting for Democrats for 50 years... And they're still poor." Well, here's why...

(hat tip: Doug Ross)


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