03 July 2009

On this 4th of July Weekend...

I challenge you to stop and think about what the 4th of July REALLY means to us as Americans. Many people see it as simply a day off to cookout with friends and family and then watch some fireworks along the banks of the river. Not that it isn't a fun time to get together, but it doesn't entirely reflect the true spirit of our nation's independence and birth.

But in the current political and economic climate we find ourselves in, it is critical, now more than ever, to really understand and appreciate the independence and freedom we sought from a tyrannical government. The big question is whether or not we are regressing by ceding too much authority to a government that was originally meant to be limited in scope.

So while you are enjoying your hot dogs and sparklers, think about this quote and to what extent our personal freedoms from an increasingly intrusive government are worth to us as individuals and how far we'll be pushed, or lengths we are prepared to go to, to defend...

(graphic courtesy of thepeoplescube.com)


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