31 July 2009

Why Thank You, Eric Cantor!

Many in the blogosphere, namely yours truly, has been calling attention to the endless number of Czars the Obama administration has put in place for an end-around on that pesky Constitution.

First, it was the ever-growing list for things that cabinet level officers should be doing. Then the fact that some were not even doing what we think they were supposed to be doing. Most recently, Steven Rattner decided he would return to private life for various reasons. Yeah, right... things were getting a little too hot with formal investigations into his "private life" alright. This is exactly why Congress confirms those accountable to the President. Oh, by the way, it has a name... Checks and Balances...

But, wait! Is that someone knocking at the door? Hang on a second... Well! Hello Minority Whip Eric Cantor! It's so good to see you! What's that? You've got an opinion on all the Czars published in the Washington Post? Well, by all means, share with the general public ALL that you know!

I'm struggling with the GOP leadership these days as well, so don't paint me into a corner just yet. It seems that Cantor is not just a little, but a lot late to the game on this. Perhaps he should have been tugging a little harder at Minority Leader Boehner's pant leg to get this front and center earlier. The quote showcasing Obama's hypocrisy is great work, but let's see about pressing issues when they are, well, pressing. That's what we expect from those who will be expected to lead in January of 2011.


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