25 July 2009

The Wisdom of Simplicity

Regarding the Gates-Crowley dustup in Cambridge this week, there are so many factors, he said / he said, pundits opinions, etc., that it really takes a snapshot to sum it all up. Once again, Michael Ramirez hits the bullseye:

Personally, given the fact that Dr. Gates is a Professor at Harvard, and that we supposedly elected the first post-racial President, I'm finding a lot of difficulty seeing this as a racial incident framed in the Civil Rights era mindset - especially in light of the stated facts and police report. It is, however, ultimately for the individual to decide, but affects us all in how we interact as different races.

Additionally, the usually harsh Ann Coulter, steps back from the abyss and provides a thought-provoking, simple approach to the healthcare "crisis" that has lasted the past 50 years... Like her or not, I strongly encourage you to check it out.


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